The Australia Institute of Business & Technology (AIBT) is a professional college offering professional courses, certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas to both domestic and international students.

Our school specialises in study programs that are sure to remain impactful across a diverse spectrum of international markets. Students who complete a program at AIBT will leave with valuable skill sets in Marketing, Advertising, Business, Management, Human Resources or Accounting, and will receive qualifications recognised and transferable across Australia.

Our accredited courses offer the same nationally recognised qualifications that are available through TAFE, whilst being extremely flexible for busy adults. All our programs are run both in class and online. Our high tech virtual classrooms allow our online students to attend real time/recorded classes anywhere across the globe.

Additionally, we also provide flexible quarterly workshops so you don’t miss out on the benefits of face-to-face learning. And with six global locations, AIBT students can travel around the globe to complete their project work assessment.

50% of the student assessment will be the group project work, which is based on multiple real world business cases.

Students will have the study tour option to remain in their locale, or to travel to one of our 6 AIBT locations in China, India, Indonesia, Africa, Brazil and Australia. Once there, they will be awarded 5 nights of accommodation, in order to complete the 5 day assessment.


Reasons to study with us!

Job Observation

A minimum 2 week job placement for you to get the real world experience. Many employers are well aware of the benefits of work experience to students and often use their work experience programmes as an extended interview process.

MBA Standard Case Study

Real world MBA standard case study/project for those enrolled in our Diploma/Advanced Diploma courses.

Real World Accounting And Planning

For accounting students, a Professional Certificate in Business Planning and Analysis will form part of the Advanced Diploma package. You will also get to look at real data, as well as perform real world accounting and planning to understand markets and industry trends.

Trainers To Businesses

AIBT will customise a training program with qualified professionals to come to your business and conduct in-house training sessions.

University Application For Recognition

If you wish to further your studies in a local university, our tertiary support team will help you in the university application for recognition of prior learning to gain credit or credit transfer.

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers once a month will form part of your program, learning from not only our highly qualified teachers, but also experts in your field of study.

AIBT GLobalised Model

Our students can travel around the globe to complete their project work assessment.

Support Team

Our employment support team will help you to customise your CV and coach you your interview skills, including role play, to help you as much as we can in getting your first professional appointment

Speak With Real Business Leaders

Best of all, we will be organising a study tour to speak with business leaders and understand today’s needs in the real world.

Be part of our greater family

Being a subsidiary of the Brighton Pacific Group, AIBT students can enjoy the benefits of the BP Club.


AIBT has cutting edge equipment.

AIBT is based in Brisbane, Australia, but our students and trainers may be located anywhere, given our online study options. Our global workshops are held at conveniently located training facilities in China, India, Indonesia, Africa and Brazil. Whether online, in-class or a combination of both, students have the privilege to learn where they choose.

AIBT’s cutting edge facilities employ the newest technologies and IT software, providing students with the most up-to-date services. Not only are our campuses located in fantastic city fringe districts; they’re fully equipped with useful study areas and equipment to ensure you receive the highest standard of education. Our state-of-the-art interactive whiteboards connect you to the trainers, and allow for flexible learning and collaborative group projects.

Studying Online

On screen

At AIBT, your computer is your campus. Your course work is supplied and completed through
AIBT Portal – our high tech, purpose-built learning platform. It’s really user-friendly, and to make sure you feel absolutely comfortable with it, we invite all students to join a tuition session once you’ve enrolled. Our aim is to deliver you the best educational experience possible.

We Make It Personal

Just because you’re learning online doesn’t mean you’re on your own. At AIBT, our “Study Coach for Life” policy ensures each student has a single academic point of contact for the full term of their course. You may contact your trainer or study coach by logging in to AIBT Portal, email, video conference or telephone appointment. For added support, you have the option of attending our workshops – where you can meet face to face with your trainer and study peers to discuss course work and share challenges.


  • Study anytime

  • As long as you have internet access you can study anywhere or anytime during our semesters.
  • Finish anytime

  • Finish faster if you study faster.
  • Live Lessons

  • With our latest whiteboard technology you can stream your lessons live or listen to recording afterwards.
  • Global Structure

  • If you love travelling you will love our study tour option. Be in China today, India tomorrow for your intensive group project assessment. With accomodation on us, you can see new places and meet new friends.
If you need further info on this program, all you need to do is to fill up the form at the top of this page and/or call/email us. We will brief you on the details of this program and guide you all the way!
You can also download the Program Brochure for more detailed explanation on the program.



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