Enterprises across the globe are shifting their focus to data-driven goals and decision-making. In fact, the International Data Corporation reports that worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes by 2025*. So, why is data science so important? Because it enables organisations to efficiently process and interpret data that can be used to make informed business decisions & drive growth, optimisation, and performance.

One can learn how to process and understand data that can be used to drive better, smarter decisions within your organisation.


  • Transition into a data-centric senior management role
  • Gather analytical expertise to handle greater responsibilities.
  • Utilise predictive models to build effective strategies that address key issues in business operations and product quality.
  • Become a leader for sustainable business growth.
  • Spearhead complete ownership of key business tasks and understand underlying strategic implications.


No coding is required; however, a basic knowledge of Excel would be beneficial.

Course Content:

  • Leveraging Data as a Competitive Edge.
  • Data Analytics in Action
  • Basic Statistics for Data Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Field Experiments and Causality
  • Machine Learning Models for Data Analytics
  • Decision Making
  • Data Science to Drive Business Value
  • Addressing Key Challenges and Risks in Data Science Projects
  • Data Science and the Future

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