Dato’ Faizal is  a  passionate entrepreneur and business mentor. He developed his entrepreneurial acumen while running and managing various business interests in Malaysia. His expertise and insights has  allowed  him  to  acquire  best  practices from  a  broad  spectrum  of industriesto  be  applied  and adopted in each of his projects. His experience and innovative business outlook has enabled  him  to  gain competitive  advantage against  competitors  and  rewarding  the  companies  he  has  led  with outstanding results.

He  has  also participated and led numerous overseas trade missions.  Dato’ has participated  in the  various conferences in different parts of the world such as the Global Young Entrepreneur Summit in Canada and the Entrepreneurs Fair in Ho Chi Minh or ganised by SME Corp among many others.

Dato Faizal is an energetic person who loves to explore new ideas and is willing to share his ideas with people .  He is  very  dedicated  and highly  committed  to  his  work  and  among  his  noteworthy  traits are loyalty  and  accountability.  He  is an  extrovert  and  possesses  excellent  communication and  leadership skills which  he  uses  to  his  fullest  advantage  in  his  business  dealings.

He  is  also  a  strong  believer  in lifelong learning and believes one should stay relevant to the fast changing world and to always have the attitude to learn new things.


Managing Director

Azaath is recognized as a savvy leader with strengths in re-engineering business processes, defining continuous process improvements, building consensus while recognizing and accelerating colleagues strengths and building powerful teams to maneuver through any obstacles to achieve the desired results. A fast adapting individual to any business environment with a high propensity to initiate a positive change environment.

He possess the ability to manage human and financial resource effectively. Azaath is also known for his committed nature and ability to turnaround and as a troubleshooting expert to handle and resolve issues relating to major projects. He is a key contributor to revenue generation and project management.

Azaah holds a Bachelors Degree in Busines Management from the Internatioal Islamic University of Malaysia. He has over 25 years of experience in various positions and industries.


Chief Executive Officer

Palani holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Bhartidasan University, India. He has been in the education industry for nearly 27 years, starting as a lecturer in 1986 and rising to the position of Principal. During the twenty-seven years, he has managed all functional areas of an education establishment such as academic, administration, marketing, examination and others. He also has experience in managing a professional, business, marketing as well as art and design college.

He has also managed education centres in Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Bukit Mertajam, Alor Star, Kuching, Johor and Miri. Job responsibilities include planning marketing strategies for the whole group, monitoring sales, new techniques and strategies for sales, manpower planning and other special projects.

He is a Member of New Zealand Institute of Management (NZIM) and Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM). He also a Certified Internal Lead Auditor for ISO.


Business Development Director

Seha graduated from Benedictine College with a Bachelor of Science in Business. She has been in the marketing industry focusing in training and event management for more than 15 years. Her wide range of knowledge and effective communication skills is undoubted.

She has in her career secured a number of mega projects from corporate organizations such as Bank Pertanian, Bank Islam, MIDF, Bumiputra Commerce Bank, Bursa Malaysia, Malaysia Airport Berhad etc in providing training courses to employees.

Her forte is in creating integrated strategies to develop new and existing clients, brand/product evolution and media endorsement. Her major role in the organization is to plan, prepare and implement all the marketing strategies and employ numerous market research initiatives to support brand positioning, pricing and marketing.


Executive Director

Gopalakrishnan is the Co Founder and Executive Director of Axsel Management International Sdn. Bhd.

He has more than a decade of experience in conceptualizing ideas, seizing opportunities, building operations, leading new business development initiatives and ventures. His passion for entrepreneurship and building businesses began during his college days when he ventured into many small businesses. After finishing his degree, he joined a Multi National Company where he worked for only 2 months before quitting to start his own business.

His specialization is in the area on Information Technology Management, Mobile, Social and Digital Media, Human Capital Development and Marketing. He has provided consultation services on technology and business development for both startups and leading firms alike in the areas of internet technology, mobile, social and digital media, mobile technology, open source technologies and so on.

He regularly presents talks on the subject matter in conferences and seminars both locally and internationally. He also regularly conducts workshops and training for both corporate and individuals.

Gopalakrishnan holds a Bachelors Degree with Honours majoring in Computer Science awarded by Stafforshire University, United Kingdom. He is also a member of the Malaysian National Computer Confederation and the Vice President, Asia of GOPIO International, an International NGO body based in Mauritius.