The Security industry is Malaysia is an important and crucial service which provide safety and protection services to many industries in Malaysia. The security industry not only provides safety and protection services but it also provides peace of mind and reduces crime through crime prevention in Malaysia.

Despite the noble intentions and the values attached to this industry, over the years there have been many challenges faced by the industries in terms of the quality of their guards and their supervisors. Due to the acute shortage of manpower, many security firms have relaxed the basic entry requirements into the industry. This results in large number of security guards being employed without the basic prerequisites screenings done.

Various statistics have reported that there are around 150,000 security guards employed in about 300 over security services firms in Malaysia.

 In Malaysia, there are about 150,000 security guards working for about 300 security companies. The turnover in this industry is very high, with some companies experiencing 200% to 300% turnover rate. Most guards do not stay long in their job due to the long hours and low pay. They deem the job to be of low status and they have little pride in their uniform and job function.

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