Course Date : 26th, 27th & 28th February 2018
Course Fee : RM 1, 800.00 RM 1,500.00 (CNY Promo)
Early Bird Fee : RM 1, 750.00 RM 1,450.00
Group Fee : RM 1, 620.00 RM 1,350.00 (Group of 3 or more)

 Course Description:

R is an open-source free programming language for statistical computing, data analysis, and graphics. R is used by a growing number of managers and data analysts inside corporations and academia. R has also found followers among statisticians, engineers and scientists without computer programming skills who find it easy to use. Its popularity is due to the increasing use of data mining for various goals such as set ad prices, find new drugs more quickly or fine-tune financial models. R has a wide variety of packages for data mining.

This course covers the manipulation of objects in R including reading data, accessing R packages, writing R functions, and making informative graphs. It includes analyzing data using common statistical models.

 Course Objectives

The Data Science using R Programming training programme is designed to allow participants acquire all essential knowledge to get started and start on R Programming.

At the end of this program participants will be able to:

  • Master the use of the R interactive environment
  • Expand R by installing R packages
  • Read Structured Data into R from various sources
  • Understand the different data types in R
  • Understand the different data structures in R
  • Use of vectorized calculations
  • Write user-defined R functions
  • Use control statements and write Loop constructs in R
  • Use Apply to iterate functions across data
  • Reshape data to support different analyses
  • Manipulate strings in R and understand basic regular expressions in R
  • Understand base R graphics and also focus on GGplot2 graphics for R
  • Predict/Score new data using models
  • Understand how to link data, statistical methods, and actionable questions

 Target Participants

This module is aimed at anyone who works with data and who interested in harnessing the power of the R programming language.

 Program Prerequisites

Students should have basic knowledge on statistics. Familiarity with any programming, language can be an added benefit.

 Mode of Delivery

Every participant will be provided with course notes and are required to bring in their own laptops for hands-on exercise and practice sessions. The participants are taught design theories in classroom followed by practical lab exercises on the day of the training.

 Course Duration

  • 3 days, 9am – 5pm

 More Info

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