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This program is Claimable under the SBL Scheme.                                                             
The programme will be conducted over a period of 6 Months:-
+ Ten (10) days classroom spread over 4 Months (Saturdays only).
20 hours of Mentoring and Coaching spread over 4 Months. 

Location: Axsel Training Center, Petaling Jaya.

Price: RM 3,850 pax (Group Discounts Available)


This is an in-service teaching and mentoring programme dedicated to raising the standards of both teaching and learning of the English language in Chinese Medium Schools.

Through this programme, English-speaking education professionals are assigned as mentors to local English teachers in Chinese Schools.


What You Will Learn

  • Analyze the process of language acquisition
  • Plan and deliver lessons using different approaches/methods adapted to meet the needs of their learners
  • Manage the development of productive and receptive skills within an integrated syllabus.
  • Develop assessment framework for young learners to monitor language learning.
  • Demonstrate the components of teaching skills for grammar and vocabulary enrichment.

Course Content

Module 1.0: Comprehension of the Concept of Language and the Background to Language Learning and Teaching  

 1.1 Identify the fundamental models of second language acquisition

1.2 Analyse Learner characteristics and Learning needs

1.3 Compare and Contrast L1 & L2 Learning

1.4 Determine the role of errors

1.5 Demonstrate an understanding of World Englishes and Dialect Variatio


Module 2.0: Presentation of Different Approaches to Language Teaching 

2.1 Plan standards-based content and instructions

2.2 Apply key concepts, research, and best practices in teaching

2.3 Focus on form in the language

2.4 Prepare for learners’ diverse background to enable ease in learning

2.5 Select combination of methods for target learners


Module 3.0: Integration of Receptive and Productive Skills

3.0 Integration of Receptive and Productive Skills

3.1 Organise learning on standards-based content using the four skills

3.2 Incorporate activities for authentic application of language

3.3 Use four skills for professional and social purposes

3.4 Develop strategies for functional use of language skills

3.5 Examine the individual learner’s ability and review teaching style


Module 4.0: Creativity and Adaptation of Learning Resources

 4.1 Able to locate, create, and adapt language learning materials and available technology for effective instruction

4.2 Select culturally responsive and age-appropriate materials for respective cohorts

4.3 Employ technology for sensorial stimulation to enhance language learning

4.4 Provide opportunity for real-time use of target skills

4.5 Reflect on learner’s strength and challenges and review materials for effective learning


Module 5: Components of the Structure of Language

5.1 Apply understanding of syntax to assist learners to productively use the language

5.2 Design worksheets to reinforce rules of grammar and lexical patterns

5.3 Explain speech sounds and phonemes for meaningful communication

5.4 Compare and contrast semantics and pragmatics

5.5 Identify and correct errors of learners to move towards the accuracy of language


Module 6.0: Types of Language Proficiency Assessment

6.1 Demonstrate how to use the results of the assessment to improve proficiency

6.2 Examine the limitation of assessments as indicators of language proficiency

6.3 Use norm-referenced assessments appropriately

6.4 Develop criterion-referenced assessments appropriately

6.5 Measure the utility of the tasks and tests in a variety of situations and report the findings



This is a professional award for practicing Awarded by teachers of English which aims to enhance and develop candidates practical teaching skills, teaching knowledge, expertise and professional English Language Skills.

There are no specific pre-requisites as long the candidate is currently in teaching/training / coaching type of job function.

Duration and Methodology

The programme will be conducted over a period of 6 Months:-

  • Ten (10) days classroom spread over 4 Months (Saturdays only).
  • 20 hours of Mentoring and Coaching spread over 4 Months Methodology
  • Bite-size lectures
  • Case Studies
  • Practical Work/Role Play
  • Project that includes a lesson plan and strategies for effective teaching
  • Micro training practices
  • Presentation by Participants
  • Mentoring and Coaching


Every successful candidate will receive the award “PROFESSIONAL DIPLOMA

IN TEACHING ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE “ from Scottish Qualification Agencies (SQA), UK.

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