A little about us……………

Pioneering Human Capital Development since 2009

We are dedicated to the mission of upskilling and reskilling human capital, with a proud history spanning more than 17 years. As a registered training provider of HRDCorp Malaysia, we have set our sights on contributing to Self-Development and Nation Building through our quality Human Capital Development programs.

Our foundation is built on the expertise of seasoned trainers and educationists who bring over two decades of experience in leading administrative and management roles within esteemed private higher education institutions. Their visionary leadership is complemented by the vigor and enthusiasm of our dynamic team, which is committed to realizing our company’s mission.


Our Core Commitment: Developing High-Performance Individuals and Organizations

At the heart of Axsel, we are devoted to fostering the growth of high-performance individuals and organizations. Our goal is to help them reach new heights of success while addressing the aspirations and challenges inherent in Self Development and Nation Building.


Our Vision: Becoming the Preferred Training Provider

  • Leadership in Learning: We envision ourselves as leaders in the field of human capital development, setting new standards in training excellence and innovation.
  • Transformative Impact: Our aim is to not only impart skills but also inspire transformative change in individuals and organizations, enabling them to achieve their full potential.
  • Global Reach: We aspire to extend our influence beyond our immediate region, becoming a globally recognized name in training and development, known for our quality and impact.
  • Sustainable Development: We are committed to promoting sustainable development through our training programs, ensuring that our clients are equipped to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
  • Collaborative Ecosystem: We envision creating a collaborative ecosystem where learners, organizations, and industry experts come together to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and drive innovation.


Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Enhancing Training Values: We are dedicated to continuously improving the training values in our industry, ensuring that our programs are meaningful, purposeful, and valuable to learners.
  • Fostering Growth and Improvement: We commit to providing training that not only enhances employment careers but also instills a sense of responsibility in each learner towards themselves and others in the workplace.

Our Motto: “Innovating People and Processes”

At Axsel, we firmly believe in prioritizing the Personal Development of our customers, students, and trainees. By innovating both people and processes, we are committed to making a lasting impact in the world of human capital development.