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This course will equip cyber investigators with the right skills and tools to perform a complete wireless security analysis and investigation.

This is a comprehensive course which covers the aspects of wireless data communication (Wi-Fi) networks. This is a vendor independent course designed to give insights of Wi-Fi network features, configurations & the security risk associated with these networks.

This course includes in-depth knowledge about various Wi-Fi standards and the attacks targeted towards them & also the counter-measure techniques on how to secure Wi-Fi networks from hackers and provide a safer wireless network environment.

Why WSE?

With continual advances in technology, coupled together with growing price/performance advantages, wireless accessibility is being deployed increasingly within workplace then public environments. This demand bill discusses the safety threats or risks associated with wireless networks, yet outlines a wide variety about superior practices because deploying wireless networks in corporate yet home environments. Finally, a engage over security hints is supplied for end-users surfing the Internet the use of community wi-fi networks.

Many courses have cropped up offering training in so-called “Wireless Security Experts”. But these courses deal with only one half of the security equation. To build highly secure networks, professionals need to be aware of different methods of hacking and at the same time know how to make networks secure from these intrusions using firewalls, UTMs, antivirus, etc. This is the only course which teaches both the theory and practice of wireless security techniques.

The lab intensive environment gives each participant in-depth knowledge and practical experience with the current essential security systems. Participants will begin by understanding how perimeter defenses work and then be lead into scanning and attacking their own networks, no real network is harmed.

Participants then learn how intruders escalate privileges and what steps can be taken to secure a system. Participants will also learn about Reconnaissance tools, Exploitation Tools and Penetration Testing Reporting among others. When a participant leaves this intensive 5 day class they will have hands on understanding and experience in Network Penetration Testing.

The tools and techniques that you will learn are not confined to any particular vendor or platform. The aim of this program is to train the network penetration testing experts of tomorrow who is equally at ease in protecting the conventional or the latest cutting edge network.

Who is it for ?

This course is meant for those professionals who are looking for comprehensive and total knowledge in the network security domain. This course is designed for experienced security professionals and deals with the theory and practice of wireless security expert. It covers a wide range of topics all the way from basic disk forensics to smartphone and mobile forensics.

This course will significantly benefit security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure.

Why be a Wireless Security Expert ?

The US Council Wireless Security Expert certification provides the impetus to enter the information security domain and certifies individuals in various information security skills. Many IT companies have made WSE certification a compulsory qualification for security-related posts making it a go-to certification for security professionals.

Certification Body 

The digital forensics Expert program certification is awarded by the US Council; the world’s most sought after name in IT Security Certification.

The US-Council is an International Network Security organization. It is the mission of this organization to fight against the rising cyber crimes. US-Council helps industry in understanding the rapidly growing security threats against their networks and to combat against cyber crimes.

US-Council is also the most popular provider of vendor independent security solutions. Over a hundred thousand people around the world have already trained with them. They are pioneers in the field of cyber security with over two decades of expertise in building secure organizations.

Mode of delivery

Every student will be provided with study materials – course book and practice questions required for the preparation of your test. Students need to attend 5 days of classroom work of 40 hours of study and independent study of 60 hours to prepare for the test.

Practice Questions’ are very useful for your test preparation. Questions may or may NOT be set from Practice Questions. However, you may expect ‘live test’ at the US Council testing center which will have ‘similar’ pattern of questions.

At the end of the test, you would be provided results by US Council test center. It may take (minimum) 6 weeks to receive the certificate. Candidates will be notified upon the receipt of the Certificates.

Need more info?

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You can also download the Program Brochure for more detailed explanation on the program.


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